Floral table runners are a gorgeous, lush centerpiece option for family-style seating. Runners visually lengthen the tables and the run and create a great sense of space. The low florals are functional and allow for conversation while expressing your personal style and keeping the sense of opulence and luxury.

Here’s some advice when you ask your florist to design one for you: make sure you’re aware of the width of your table! The table pictured here at Il Mercato is 30 inches wide, and trust me when I say that you can’t put a lot on these tables. Candles would be a beautiful addition but be careful not to overdo it. Less is usually more, especially on a 30-inch wide table.

In the table runner in the above photo, I used Amnesia roses, Ilse spray roses, peach stock, salal (lemon leaf), deflexus and flat eucalyptus. Thank you to Eileen and Nate for hiring us to do your wedding! Check out the image gallery below of other table runners I’ve created for more inspiration. If you’re interested in having us create a table runner, or anything else, for your wedding contact us here.