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Wedding Floral Design

We’re in the business of toasting to you and yours on the big day.  Your wedding is a story that should be told the way you see it, through one on one consultations, unique floral arrangements, personal flower statements and inspiration at every turn.

Types of wedding aesthetics range from the timelessly traditional full of white, beige and pastel to bohemian wonderlands, steeped in wildflowers, warm tones, and vintage oddities. No two weddings are the same, as no two couples are either. We will work to plan, source, design, and handcraft a wedding specifically with who you are in focus.

Through bespoke findings, handpicked fresh floral arrangements, tailor-made designs, and specialty items, we bring the ideas that live inside your mind to life. Somewhere between dreams and reality — that’s where we live.

We work with all budgets, believe no project is too big and are happy and willing to travel for brides living outside of our New Orleans base. The pricing of our full-service wedding begins at $3,000.00 minimum, before tax and delivery.

If you’re a bride looking to save your lucky pennies, we have a sister project in A Wise Bride — a one-stop shop for those on a strict budget. We’ve bottled up the magic of Kim Starr Wise and custom-designed floral packages for every type of merrymaker. From organic bohemia and earth tones to the classic elegance of a white wedding, we’ve preplanned the whole thing. Choose what suits you and we’ll do the rest.

A Traditional Wedding

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

From Roses dressed in white, tokens of love and luck and a foundation of nuptials past — a wedding of tradition are considered classic for a reason. With made to measure wedding flower bouquets, stunning floral arrangements and little details like a Stephanotis pinned to the lapel of a suit jacket, no ode to elegance is overlooked.

Typically a larger affair, traditional weddings are often held at larger venues. Country Clubs, Hotels and Museums are all well suited for these grandiose ceremonies. We’ve created expansive occasions like these all around town at places like The Roosevelt Hotel and New Orleans Museum of Art.

The arrangements you’ll find at a classic wedding will be abundant, as the floral needs fall in line with the headcount. When we find ourselves in these types of awe-inspiring venues, we’ll often create three variations of arrangements to build layers and add texture throughout the space.

Low: Something like a handful of levitating Peonies — these arrangements sit directly atop the table with the vessel out of sight. Floating candles are often paired with these arrangements as an ideal accent piece.

Medium: These arrangements range from 12-18” and come in a multitude of forms. We frequently place them in a sea of votives.

High: These are your show ponies, standing tall at 40” tall (or more), with varying accents and bespoke findings for accessorized support. From lavish Jasmine covered candelabras to towering trumpet vases with floating candles, stemmed glassware and paired smaller floral arrangements surrounding the base.

A Southern Wedding

Rustic charm at its best, a real southern wedding smells like a Magnolia breeze. According to an old saying in the south, if you bury a bottle of Bourbon where you plan to tie the knot, the sky won’t open up the day you say “I do”. It’s historical tidbits like these that leave us smitten with the south and the weddings it inspires.

Like a charm filled cake pull, our southern silhouettes feature strokes of good fortune like wedding flower centerpieces, wedding party bouquets, luxury floral arrangements and grooms cake flowers.

Camelia foliage, Spanish moss, Cotton bolls and Alabama frog bellies are some of our favorite elements to use in the design of our flower arrangements for a Southern hitching. As always, the kinds of vessels we use can truly take any shape. However, the containers of a southern belle tend to lean toward the simple and nostalgic — from re-purposed crates and wooden boxes to antiques of gold and silver.

Magnolias. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a wedding in the south without them. Something to keep in mind when dreaming up your bouquet, however, is that their blooms cannot be harvested. We suggest Gardenias, Iris, Jasmine, Hydrangea, Garden Roses, Dahlias and Tulips in their place.

A truly southern wedding calls for professionally designed details and a meticulous execution and understanding of the sweet, simple and homegrown. Through unique floral arrangements, wildflower bouquets, fresh table arrangements and statement pieces (like Rose covered arches
and living Tulip tapestries) — we’ll tell the story of your past, present and future days.

Destination Weddings

Looking to have your big day outside of New Orleans? We’ll come to you.

Save the date, drop a pin and we’ll be there. Whether you’re south of the delta or two blocks past 31st street, we’re happy to work with you over the phone and go the distance to ensure your wedding feels like you and feels like home.

Through one on one consultations, professionally designed event blueprints and video call walkthroughs — we are able to treat all weddings as if they’re just a block away. Arrangement samples can be made and sent in the mail for an additional fee.

The location of your wedding plays a pivotal role and holds true to your roots, old and new. Where you are and where you came from should be recognized and celebrated just as much as where you’re going. With that in mind, we work with you to ensure no details are missed in creating a seamless and full-visioned environment for your big day.

A New Orleans Wedding: Local Love

Here’s looking at you, New Orleans. Living in a city as spirited and colorful as this one, it’s no secret we love to throw a Big Easy party. With unique floral arrangements, Mardi Gras Indians and twirling parasols leading the second line — these are the kind of weddings that fill the
Louisiana air like memories made.

A New Orleans wedding is one full of history and romance, leaving you feeling planted in the rich spirit of the city. With courtyard lights strung up like stars in the sky, you might walk beneath arches covered in hundreds of cloud-like blooms of Baby’s Breath. No matter what you decide,
it will undoubtedly feel like New Orleans because the magic of this city lives in the air we breathe.

A full-service wedding consists of a consultation, unique design blueprints, custom flower arrangements, ceremony, reception, delivery, setup, and removal. Specialty items for full-service weddings may include candles, linens, decor & other rentals such as chuppahs, arches, backdrops, plants, and lighting. We want what you want.

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