Having beautiful, lush flowers at an outdoor ceremony or celebration in the height of summer may seem like a pipe dream but choosing the right flowers will make sure your centerpieces and bouquets will look their best until long after the last guest leaves. Keep reading to see a few of my favorite flowers for outdoor summer festivities.

Garden Roses

Roses may seem high maintenance (and some are) but garden roses like ones in this bouquet last well even on the hottest days. Their timeless romance makes them an excellent choice.


Dahlias are pure drama! These colorful, intricate flowers bloom from midsummer through autumn. Native to Mexico, Dahlias thrive in the heat, though they don’t mind chillier weather.


Peonies are perhaps the most feminine and romantic of all flowers. Peony season typically runs April through June so early summer brides and grooms can take advantage of the easy availability of these coveted blooms.

Pincushion Protea

Pincushion protea are unique flowers that catch the eye and add visual interest to arrangements and bouquets. They also happen to be exceptionally hardy even after being cut as they are actually a member of the evergreen family and native to Southern Africa.

Cymbidium Orchid

Waxy, tropical blooms like the cymbidium orchid are droop resistant and ideal for summer celebrations (and available in tons of colors!).

Summer is a fabulous season for flowers and we have a multitude of colorful, intricate, and unique options for bringing your vision to life. From these flowers we can mix and match a bouquet for you that will be sturdy as it is beautiful. When in doubt, just give us a call!