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KSW Named Favorite Floral Designer by Clandestine NOLA

Many thanks to Clandestine NOLA, event planners and travel concierge, for mentioning Kim Starr Wise Floral Events in a recent interview in The SoGood. They named us as their favorite New Orleans floral designer. We love working with Clandestine NOLA to put together beautiful events in New Orleans!

Clandestine NOLA Event Planners and Kim Starr Wise Floral Events

Be sure to check out this lovely wedding planned by Clandestine NOLA with a brightly hued palette and lovely terrace ceremony at the Ritz New Orleans. Stops by Our Floral Studio Stops by Our Floral Studio

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events Studio in Uptown New Orleans

Dominique of @LittleHappyNola – a blog for lovers of stylish design – has been visiting workspaces here in New Orleans, and stopped by the KSW Studio for a tour and a chat with Kim.

We’ve been busy little bees, carving out more space in the old digs to give us more room to work floral magic in our upcoming crazy busy season. Check out the pics & interview of Kim Starr Wise here, and take a moment to browse this fun New Orleans Design site.

Thanks Dominique!

New Orleans Travel: Invader’s Guide — Hello Destination Wedding Parties!

New Orleans Travel: Invader's Guide -- Hello Destination Wedding Parties!

The other day the doorbell rang, and we were thrilled to have this brand new guide dropped off by its publisher, Justin Shiels!

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events is proud to be a sponsor for this edition. Plus, we’re featured along with some of our event colleagues such as Sapphire EventsClandestine New Orleans, the Ogden, the CACBoucherie, Phillip’s, and Trashy Diva.

We love this travel guide – it’s like an “off the beaten path” guide to NOLA.  We’re grateful to have such a book to show off to the many clients who come to consult for their weddings from out-of-town. Congrats to all involved!

We’ve got ours, now go get yours here!

The Invader's Guide to New Orleans

Getting Ready for the Holidays at Anthropologie

Getting Ready for the Holidays at Anthropologie

Anyone who is reading this blog should know about and/or be a fan of Anthropologie window displays. We l-o-v-e the way that our New Orleans Anthropologie decorates their windows with such creativity and panache. Many of the items are found or local (including sticks and twigs foraged after Hurricane Issac and local aviation maps). That personal touch does so much for the shopper, don’t you think? Stores across the country (plus their home office team in Philadelphia) have creative teams that plan year round on window displays and merchandising plans throughout the store. Each display is more beautiful than the next.

You might be asking how I came to know all of this information. Well, the answer is because (for just a few hours) I was a part of creating an Anthropologie display!

I sat with Anthropologie employees and other volunteers, creating the geometric shapes you see in the picture above. Everyone was so nice and excited to be there! Perhaps after the next workshop there will be enough for all 500 feet of garland that the creative ladies plan to string from the staircase.

I was sent home with some templates so that I can make this garland at home or in the studio, we’ll let you know if this garland shows up again!

If you can, head over to Anthropologie on November 1, 2012 at 4:00 PM so you can get your hands dirty with an awesome project! Here is the link to RSVP.

–Team KSW

Flowers Elsewhere: The Dutch Connection

Today we are full steam ahead as usual with flowers and we’d like to spotlight one of our favorite vendors, Joste of The Dutch Connection.

Kim is about to design a bouquet for a photoshoot and we had a flower delivery from Joste of The Dutch Connection.  Originally from Holland, Jooste is the only wholesaler in the area who has Dutch flowers, which is a huge deal for us.  Not to mention, we love supporting local vendors and his service is really unparalleled, so we had to let you know about him!

He doesn’t have a website and only supplies to florists (sorry), but if you need us to hook you up with a fancy order, let us know!

Scroll to see some snapshots of all the floral goodies from Joste!






–Team KSW

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for me as the Mayesh Floral Design Starr 2013!


Our New Floral Design Studio is Almost Done

Hello friends!

We’ve been moving around boxes of glass, candles, flowers, things to hold flowers, desks and computers into the new space.  It’s been hard work, but fun and exciting. We can be so creative with the space.  In fact, as soon as I wrap up this post I am going to make a fixture out of bell jar lids – if all goes well you’ll read about it soon!

While we’ve got a little ways to go, I wanted to share some snapshots with you so you can see what we’re working with.  Enjoy!


Equal parts awesome and obnoxious sequin flowers.


Milk and special glass collection.  Kim has her grandmother’s glassware in here for v. special occasions.  Also I love that prism, and I may or may not have stolen the second one for my desk. 😛


Our foliage filled welcome shelf in our lobby .


So many ribbon options for wrapping a fresh flower bouquet.


The best business card holder ever!

We’re halfway there to completing our new floral design studio!

–Team KSW

We’re Moving to a New Floral Design Studio

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events is moving!  We found a lovely home/studio space on Adams Street at Panola, one block down from Panola Street Cafe, and signed the lease today!

There’s a ton of work to do but the beginnings are looking really great.  The house has a ton of history – formerly a butcher shop and fish/oyster house – that we’re trying to find more about, and we have so many ideas for how we can make the space really reflect our team of floral designers.

See you soon, Adams Street!



The outside of the workspace.  We’ve got a garage door so hopefully when it cools down a bit more we can pull the door up and make a functional indoor/outdoor space.


This is the inside of the space looking from the garage door in.  This space is 1,000 square feet, hundreds and hundreds of feet bigger than the space that we’re working in currently.  There will be some challenges but also plenty of room to spread out and g-r-o-w.

Let the ‘studio inspiration’ pinning begin!