What is a head table and why have one?

Having a head table at your wedding reception is a fantastic opportunity to create a dramatic centerpiece for your reception venue and a beautiful backdrop for the photos of you enjoying your celebration. Depending on the scale of your space, it can be large enough to include the wedding party and close family members or intimate for just the bride and groom. No matter the size, it should be situated in a prominent location in the reception venue and decorated in a way that sets it apart from the other tables. The head table is often decorated using special linens, flowers, and other decor to make it stand out from the other tables in the room.

Our top ideas for head table wedding decor:

  1. kim starr wise floral décor for new orleans wedding reception head table garland with cascading greenery and foliage with flowers Floral arrangements: Obviously, florals are our favorite way to create an over-the-top, sumptuous head table worthy of a grand celebration. We use a variety of flowers to create a stunning centerpiece for the head table.
  2. Candles: Create a warm, romantic atmosphere with candles of different sizes and shapes. You can place them in glass jars or candleholders to add some elegance.
  3. Table runners: Use a beautiful table runner to add some color and texture to the head table. You can choose a color that matches the overall wedding theme. We often mix fabric table runners with garlands or runners created from foliage for a lush look.
  4. Backdrop: Create a stunning backdrop for the head table with drapes, flowers, or fairy lights. This will create a focal point for the room and make the head table stand out. Floral backdrops can be used in both the ceremony and the reception
  5. Chair decor: Decorate the chairs at the head table with flowers, ribbons, or sashes. This will tie the entire look together and make the head table look even more distinguished.
  6. Table settings: Use fancy tableware and glassware to make the head table look extra lavish. You can also add personalized touches, like name cards or favors, to enhance the look while making the bride and groom feel even more special.

Remember, the key to a beautiful head table wedding decor is to create a cohesive look that matches the overall wedding theme. Have fun and get creative!

Head Table Gallery

These are some of our favorite head tables we’ve created for our wonderful clients. If you’d like us to create a stunning custom head table for your wedding or event, get in touch for a quote.