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Amsterdam meets New Orleans: Lulu and Jochem’s Extraordinary Wedding at Felicity ChurchRemarkable florals wrapped in Southern charm - Lulu and Jochem Get Hitched!

Amsterdam meets New Orleans: Lulu and Jochem's Extraordinary Wedding at Felicity Church

New Orleans and Amsterdam are internationally renowned as vibrant cities with unforgettable character, and the splendor that radiates from these one-of-a-kind places is something worth holding on to.

The welcoming and jubilant spirit of New Orleans is what our bride, Lulu, enjoyed so much while she lived here, and it’s what brought her back to New Orleans to celebrate the joy she found in Jochem; in Amsterdam.

Lulu and Jochem were married at Felicity Church in New Orleans last September. We challenged ourselves to celebrate their unique spirit with remarkable flowers in violet (Lulu’s favorite color); incorporating blooms that are so unique, yet so at home amongst the magnolia leaves.

Otherworldly flowers and greens like Queen Protea, Skeleton Leaf, Gomphrena, Artichokes, Fiddle Leaf Fern Frond, Ferns, Allium, Hellebores and Tillandsia Xerographica (air plant) stand out against deep green foliage. MOOD. Unique wedding at felicity church, new orleansOtherworldly flowers and greens like Queen Protea, Skeleton Leaf, Gomphrena, Artichokes, Fiddle Leaf Fern Frond, Ferns, Allium, Hellebores and Tillandsia Xerographica (air plant) stand out against deep green foliage. MOOD. unique wedding at felicity church, new orleans

Otherworldly flowers and greens like Queen Protea, Skeleton Leaf, Gomphrena, Artichokes, Fiddle Leaf Fern Frond, Ferns, Allium, Hellebores and Tillandsia Xerographica (air plant) stand out against deep green foliage. MOOD.

Liatris, tall cylinder, pillar candles, feliciy church, new orleans, stained glass, altar arrangement Liatris, tall cylinder, pillar candles, felicity church, new orleans stained glass, altar arrangement

Distinction and gesture: Bundles of Liatris applaud the couple from this ceremony backdrop.

Remarkable flowers with Southern charm. Magnolia foliage, queen protea, fern, airplant, bridal bouquet, fiddle head fern frond, unique weddings at felicity church, new orleans

Magnolia foliage is a classic pairing for most New Orleans weddings, but here it produces a special feeling of homecoming.

Liatris altar arrangement close up, altar arrangement for unique wedding flowers at felicity church, new orleans

Artichoke, Magnolia, Fiddlehead Fern, and Seeded Eucalyptus at felicity church in new orleans

Harmonious greens: Artichoke, Magnolia, Fern, and Seeded Eucalyptus

Lulu and Jochem’s destination wedding was as unforgettable as the place they call home. How do you stand out from the crowd? We want you to feel comfortable bringing any and all kinds of challenges to us as floral designers because your wedding flowers should be as special as you are!

When it comes to celebrating the rich bond between you and your partner, how will you express yourself?

All photos by Titus Photography.

You can find Titus’ post on Lulu and Jochem here.

Many thanks to those who MAKE IT HAPPEN:

It’s Your Time Events —  Erin St. Pierre

Folklore Salon  —  Agnes Backman

Felicity Church

Flowers Elsewhere: Jon Shireman

Photographer Jon Shireman has been a blogger-favorite for a while now, and just to heap on a bit more praise, we’d like to show you some of his work.

To achieve the photographs below, Jon soaks fresh flowers in liquid nitrogen for thirty minutes and then shatters them.  We’re completely fascinated!  Not only because of the beauty of the flowers in both whole and broken form, but also because of the biology of the broken petals.  It’s cool to see how these same flowers that we work with every day each break so differently because of their unique structure.

Below, lisianthus and calla lily:


Have a great Friday, friends!  We’ll be back tomorrow with some photos of our events that we’re putting together this evening!

–Team KSW

Image via here, here and here

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Fashion to Flowers: Parrot Tulips

This is our third post in our Fashion to Flowers series!  We really love this column on our blog because it encourages us to think more widely about flowers and their personalities, rather than only focusing on what we’re working on in the studio. Last week, the fashion inspired the flower but today the flower definitely inspired the fashion.

A few weddings back, one of our brides used parrot tulips in her corsages and bouquet, and I fell in love.  Seriously, parrot tulips are my new favorite.  Each flower looks hand painted and put together in a crafty way.

Our gal wears this painted silk blouse on a Sunday stroll as the season changes. Maybe she is out to brunch with girlfriends and then the farmer’s market.  She’ll pick up some parrot tulips and display them on her sunny kitchen table.

Image one here / Image two here

–Team KSW

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Fashion to Flowers: Black and White Stripes

It’s Fashion to Flowers Thursday!

Check out this Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 gown to end all dresses matched with the African Mask Leaf.


We saw this dress first on the Twitter feed of @OscarPRGirl and like a supernova the image of the dress spread like wild.  Could we have found a better horticultural pair for her than the African Mask Leaf?

Available all year round, African Masks are plants that need serious TLC, lots of clipping the old leaves to make room for the new ones.

Our fashionista rocking this dress at her dinner party will have a carefully cultivated selection of African Mask Leaf along her table and in her lounge, a not-so-subtle nod to her color scheme and ability to access the rare and finite.

–Team KSW

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Image one here // Image two here

Flowers Elsewhere: For Your Home

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events finally moved to our new floral design studio space on Adams Street! We’ve got 1,000 square feet of space to work with, and we’re scavenging the interior design section of the internet for decoration ideas. We’ve got a lot of wall space to fill and have a few ideas…


I personally cannot wait to have our own blackboard (inspired by Australian shop Serin Cini) up on our walls to record our daily musings.  We are a funny bunch, especially when punchy.


A really big piece of floral art from Debbie Carlos.  How awesome is this?!  And its so big it doesn’t really need a frame, maybe just some washi tape.  First found on Design*Sponge, I am obsessed with everything Debbie Carlos creates.  But these roses were meant to be in our studio, and were surprisingly affordable!



Flower constructions by Anne Ten Donkelaar.  These creations are made of paper, flower, roots, butterflies and I don’t know what else.  This definitely made me stop and look, and I would love to see them up closer.  If its the right size, I would like to put this in the bathroom.  The rest of her artwork was pretty awesome too.

Have a great weekend!

–Team KSW

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Fashion to Flowers

Today’s blog is inspired by New York Fashion Week!

Do you remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly chides Andie for scoffing at fashion, and she talks about the trickle down effect that fashion’s color choices have on the clothing that even the most unaffected shopper is influenced to purchase?

Well, the same goes with flowers.  Our color palette is influenced by what we see and what is en vogue. Instead of waiting for the trickle down we’re going to streamline things with our Fashion to Flowers series.


Our first fashionista captured in Milan isn’t exactly a girly girl, but she likes pretty things.  This ranunculus is sitting with two or three of his buddies on her nightstand, first thing she sees when she reaches for her iPhone in the morning.

First image via The Cut // Second image via Little Flower School

–Team KSW

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Flowers Elsewhere: Urban Roots

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on our string garden photoshoot from the sneak peeks we showed you, and the more people we talk to about it, the more we want to give a huge thank you and credit to our inspiration for the idea.


Jill and Tom of Urban Roots are friends who opened up their garden and plant supply shop in the Irish Channel this year.  We love that they are focused on being an earth-friendly and a local business, aside from their incredible selection of plants and materials!

We can’t wait to show you how we used our own vision for the string gardens, for now here is a snippt of the selection at Urban Roots.


A flower crown made of air plants.

Oncidium Orchids

Oncidium Orchids

Phale Orchids

Phale Orchids

Ladyslipper Orchids

Ladyslipper Orchids

As an added bonus, here’s their new shop kitty, Roots – what a great name!

Make sure you check out Urban Roots for all of your local gardening needs, check ’em out on Facebook and Twitter too!

–Team KSW

Themed Event Florals

Next week is all about incorporating floral designs with specific themes.  We love brides who have a refined and traditional taste, but sometimes a little wacky is good. Sometimes a little wacky is great!

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

While researching themed events, this fun Superhero wedding caught our eye.  This couple looks like they really had some fun getting this all together!


We can’t wait for a bride to come to us with this idea in mind!

(image via Pinterest)

Would you do a theme wedding? If so, what kind?

–Team KSW

Flowers For Your Hair


This flower crown image from Vanity Fair’s Tumblr inspired me to look for more options for flowers in our hair.

Growing up, I had a French teacher who held class outdoors on pleasant afternoons, and I remember pulling up those white flowery weeds and tying them together to make a crown.  I even wore my floral creation throughout the day and remember feeling like medieval royalty.

Thankfully, creative minds have found much better material to make flower crowns out of, and now they’re all over the place.  Flower crowns are appropriate at your wedding or even at a music festival like Bonnaroo.  Even better – your wedding held at Bonnaroo!

Would you wear a flower crown?  What do you think?

There are all sorts of options out there, but here are some of what we like best.

We love the tropical vibes from this bright fresh flower crown featured on Saipua


Please let me know if I can credit any of the above photos!  (All images sourced from Pinterest)

P.S. Do you watch Girls on HBO?  Remember Jessa’s surprise wedding?


P.P.S. These dog flower crowns!


image via Botanical Brouhaha, Sharla Flock Design and Viera Photographics 

Inspiration: Lovely Wedding Magazine

Australians are just so cool.  I feel comfortable making that blanket statement.  Have you ever met an uncool Australian?  Some of my favorite online reading are provided by chic and sophisticated Australians who curate material that is also…you guessed it…really cool.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email from the folks at Adore Magazine with the announcement of their new Lovely Wedding Magazine.  I dropped everything to click around and was rewarded with gorgeous photos that all reflect sophisticated and warm real weddings.

Each feature was brimming with floral design inspiration, all of the brides in this edition have such a great aesthetic!


A ‘rustic & homely’ surprise wedding featuring a floating garden with 1-2 blooms in glass bottles.


Country wedding with a dinner reception in a barn.


An elegant New York wedding with classic white florals and a stunning floral chandelier.


The ‘elegant and earthy’ wedding of one of my most favorite style bloggers Claudia.

And we all love these moss bunnies, and we’ve already thought of how we can create them!


Make sure you head over and subscribe to Lovely Wedding Magazine, I already can’t wait for the next edition!

–Team KSW