Terms and Conditions

“Kim Starr Wise Floral Events”, “Kim Starr Wise, LLC”, and “A Wise Bride” reserve the right to cancel this contract if at any time we feel that the obligations agreed upon cannot be met due to the event of fire, natural disaster, Acts of God, inclement weather, delivery interruptions or some other emergency, liability is limited to a full refund of all monies paid.

TERMS: Payments may be made in cash, check, credit card or money order.

DEPOSIT & SIGNED CONTRACT: Payment in full at the time of purchase for your event is due with this signed contract; we will email you a contract to sign and send back electronically once we’ve approved your order and are able to accommodate your wedding. In the unfortunate event your wedding is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the event, 50% of your payment is refundable. If your event is cancelled less than 30 days prior to your event, there is no refund. Please understand that we can only accommodate a certain amount of weddings per weekend and once your slot is taken, we have already refused other business.

Additional items may be added to your online flower order and we will invoice you at the time of order and payment is due upon receipt. No guarantee is given that the same flowers will be available for items added less than one week prior to date of event. Color and type will be matched as closely as possible.

INCLEMENT WEATHER/RAIN PLAN: We request a decision to be made 12 hours prior to the set up of the event if there is to be a change of plan.

SUBSTITUTIONS: We reserve the right to make substitutions in the event the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your special event. If this were to occur, the integrity of the proposed color scheme will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value will be used.

DELIVERY TIMES: Set delivery times are established the week of your event; we adhere strictly to those TIMES.  If there is a change please notify us as soon as possible. All deliveries will require a signature of acceptance of ordered product and quality.

SUBCONTRACTORS: In the event that a subcontractor is hired or designated to execute some or all parts of your event (i.e. event planner or venue coordinator), “A Wise Bride” will not be held responsible for the subcontractor or subcontractor’s staff, or any other situation that may arise after agreed upon delivery and placement of flowers.

PHOTOS: “Kim Starr Wise Floral Events”, “Kim Starr Wise, LLC”, and “A Wise Bride” reserve the right to use any pictures from this event for marketing, social media or website development. Photographers will be contacted and credited. Your signature on this contract is authorization, unless agreed upon otherwise.

VENDOR REFERRALS: We feel strongly about referring the best in the business to you. We have a concise list of event planners, bakers, photographers, videographers, lighting and more. Please email info@kimstarrwise.com and we’ll share it with you.

Our Promise to You: “Kim Starr Wise Floral Events”, “Kim Starr Wise, LLC”, and “A Wise Bride” will provide all the services specified in your event proposal, and will contact you if any adjustments need to be made. We guarantee our presence at the places and times specified.

Kim Starr Wise, LLC

DBA: A Wise Bride

437 Philip Street

New Orleans, LA 70130


All proposals and design plans are property of Kim Starr Wise Floral Events, A Wise Bride and Kim Starr Wise, LLC.