In the creative industry, most of us wedding professionals consider the latter months of the year into the early months of the next year our ‘off season’ and that is because it is also called ‘engagement season’.  According to a few different sources, engagement season starts around Thanksgiving and lasts until Valentines Day. Once the New Year hits, we start receiving numerous amounts of emails and requests for consultations because the planning has commenced. We get excited about this time of year every year because there is a newness of what is in and what has moved out. So, here is our predictions of what you will be seeing more of this year and what you will not in regards to florals and decor.

Romantic Over Rustic

Intimacy and romance will be at an all time high for weddings this year. We all know by now that the woodsy, burlap, mason jar wedding is out. We will be seeing a lot of metallic colors this year, featuring all different hues of gold, our personal being, rose gold. While we heard many times that soft hues of blush would make its way out, Pantone announced the color of the year being Rose Quartz keeping blush back in for the year. We will see many more metallic tablecloths, blush hued cocktails, maybe even blush hued desserts and as always, romantic lighting by candles.

Organic Over Round

We have been hearing this term “gathered from the garden” quite a bit over the last few months and we love it. It means that bouquets are changing more towards these loose gatherings with draping foliage rather than the opposite term we like to call ‘roundy moundy’. We love this look especially because it is how flowers grow. They grow in a true organic fashion, so keeping that same technique gives the bouquets its most natural look and appeals to the eyes through its visually interesting movement.


Seasonally Foraged

While it can be easy to order your flowers in bulk from a wholesaler, we have started to notice a trend of not only farm to table food, but also with flowers. People are beginning to value locally grown, seasonal things, flowers included. We will begin to design bouquets and arrangements based off of flowers that are in our region and that are in season. Most times these will include vines, flowering branches, and greenery that have been foraged.

Kings Table Centerpieces

A common theme that we have been seeing from frequent pins on Pinterest and even through couples we have worked with is this idea not of head table seating, but king table seating. The difference is that most times a head table is one sided where everyone sits on one side of the long, often times, farm table. A king table is a way to make the head table bigger and better. Everyone is sitting face-to-face giving the room a more intimate setting and it helps with space! We will see a lot of couples move away from a room layout of round guest tables with one main centerpiece to long, rectangular tables with multiple, longer floral designs spanning the length of the table. Again, creating more intimacy among their guests.

Repetition with Variation

Along with the kings table centerpiece ideas, we are excited about the idea that most brides are beginning to walk away from having all their table centerpieces looking identical. While it is actually impossible to make every arrangement look the exact same because no one flower looks like the next, it has been common to see most centerpieces share in close likeness. This year you will begin to see more wedding tables with varying centerpieces, repetition with variation. All the while keeping the same flowers and color palette, just arranging them differently in different vases or compotes.\

Article originally appeared on The Bloomin’ Bouquet Blog