Destination Weddings in New Orleans

Did you know that New Orleans is the number 2 city in the country for destination weddings?  Why is this?  It’s because we have a really cool city, with really unique venues and traditions that you won’t find anywhere else in the United States.

I’ve compiled a list of local culture must have’s, must do’s, and must includes if you are local, or from out of town, and you’re getting married in New Orleans  and want to embody the spirit!

  1. Consider having your event at an antebellum plantation.  Destrehan Plantation is an amazing venue with immaculate grounds, history and a cool barn you can utilize for the ceremony or reception.
  2. Get married in the French Quarter at Madame John’s Legacy; they have a courtyard for an outdoor wedding and an interior with so much character. Surely this is place haunted!
  3. A French Quarter wedding mandates a Second Line with Mardi Gras Indians.  Get out your hankies and parasols, march behind the Treme Brass Band and celebrate your event New Orleans style!
  4. Cake Pulls!  A local tradition where charms (one for each bridesmaid) are placed in the wedding cake on a thin satin ribbon and pulled prior to the cake cutting.  Each charm symbolizes something different.
  5. Hire Kermit Ruffins, (if budget allows)!  He’ll have your guests jumpin’ and jivin’ all night.  Kermit is our one of local celebrities in the television show, Treme.  He doesn’t come cheap, but he’s worth it!
  6. Masks & Mardi Gras Beads!  Masks and beads can always be worn and incorporated into your event.  They’re great for photo booths, gift bags or used a décor for the table.  (What other city can you do this in?!)
  7. Churches, we really have so many that are incredible! St. Louis Cathedral is top on the list, and a tradition for local families.
  8. Lastly, FOOD.  It’s important that you have good food at your reception (even if you’re not in New Orleans). But if you are in New Orleans it’s imperative! NOLA has a variety of mediocre to fantastic (as any city) caterers, and Pigeon (pronounced: Pee-jeahn; say it with a French accent!) is our gem.

It’s hard for me to say exactly which aspect is more of a draw to my clients…  is it our food?  Is it our amazing jazz musicians? Or is it getting married in one of our haunted venues that has a permanent table setting, with bread and wine for it’s resident ghost and a séance room?

I think it’s everything about this city.  New Orleans has an old world romance and charm unlike anywhere else in the United States.  Every inch of the French Quarter is drenched in a rich history, there is a pretty picture to be had on every corner.  The scent of sweet olive competes with blooming gardenias during the day, and night jasmine reigns supreme in the eve. New Orleans really is a magical place where people fall in love… and get married.

Mardi Gras Indians Mardi Gras Indians